Skegness Cat Breeders


Skegness Cat Breeders

Based in the city of Lincoln, Alfiecatz is run by Carolyn and Becky Hayes. The mother and daughter duo are show hobby breeders specializing in the loveable British Shorthair. The name "Alfiecatz" was chosen due to the name of their very first British Shorthair -- a neutered male named Alfie.

Alfiecatz is a PKD negative cattery. Their breeding pairs have gone through DNA testing to confirm that the cats do not carry the Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) gene. They cats have also tested FIV/FELV negative. This means that all litters produced by Alfiecatz will also be free from the PKD gene and cleared for FIV/FELV.

British Shorthairs are medium or large cats. They are stocky and the males usually grow to be a lot larger than females. Their eyes are round and wide set. Their color varies depending on the pattern and color of the cat's coat. For instance, British Shorthair cats with blue-colored coats typically have eyes the color of golden copper or deep amber. As the name suggests, their coat is normally short but long-haired variants do appear in some instances. In terms of temperament, the British Shorthair is a bit reserved but becomes quite affectionate once its trust is earned. Cats of this breed have easygoing personalities and are intelligent. They are not generally known to be lap cats but are usually content to sit nearby.

Although Type is also important, Alfiecatz puts health at the top of their priorities. Their cats are bred only once a year and are fed on a diet of both raw meat and Royal Canin biscuits. Their main goal is to produce kittens that are both healthy and have excellent temperaments. All of their kittens come with a pedigree spanning five generations. They are raised underfoot and are, at a young age, used to regular household noises. By the time that they are ready to leave for their new homes, they are already used to both other cats and dogs. They are checked by the vet prior to the pickup date, up-to-date with their vaccines, already wormed and are guaranteed to be free of fleas.

The cattery is a member of the British Shorthair Cat Club, the Lincolnshire Cat Club, Humberside Cat Club, Yorkshire Cat Club and The Best of British Shorthairs group. They have been featured in the "Your Cat" magazine and specialize in bicolors, tricolors, color points as well as color pointed and white. Alfiecatz makes use of the prefix "Alfiebritz". Those who are interested in seeing their cats may opt to visit GCCF shows as the cattery regularly participates. Their website also features pictures submitted by those who already own an Alfiecatz kitten or cat.


Skegness Cat Breeders

Kajulaz is a small cattery located in South Lincolnshire. It specializes in Norwegian Forest Cats and is run by Ken and Karen Carter. They have been in business for almost a decade, focusing on the breed as it is naturally occurring instead of being developed as a cross breed.

Norwegian Forest Cats are quite sociable and friendly. They are clever as well and, according to Kajulaz, are extremely addictive. They began their cattery with only two kittens -- the littermates Isis and Imani -- from Tiganlea which is run by John and Caroline Tipper. They have since expanded their family to accommodate a full cattery along with some neutered cats. Most of their cats are Champions and have won rosettes as well as show certificates.

The cattery does rehome some of their retired cats. Cats ready for rehoming are already spayed or neutered, are micro chipped and vaccinated. As they are either kept indoors or in large pens to play and enjoy the outdoors safely with only other cats for companionship, retired Kajulaz felines are not used to living with dogs or very young children. Kajulaz regularly expands their pens in order to give their cats even more room to play and explore.


The small scale hobby breeder Tehya is a sister cattery of Azchandara. The two combine their lines in order to produce strong lines of happy, healthy and well socialized Serengeti kittens. The breeder is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and is run by Carol.

Because it is quite a rare breed, very few breeders and catteries specializing in the Serengeti are active in the United Kingdom. It is an elegant and beautiful breed that is keen in observing its surroundings. Highly intelligent, it is loving, friendly and very family oriented. As such, it requires regular interaction with both humans and other pets. With proper introductions, the Serengeti can also mix well with dogs.

Tehya accepts inquiries 24/7. Their cats are home bred and are chosen not only for their gorgeous looks but also for their laid back nature. When no kittens are available in the cattery, Tehya often refers potential pet parents to Azchandara which is located in Nottinghamshire.