Support for Cats in the Area

Cats Protection

Skegness Cat Charities

Founded back in 1927, Cats Protection is a charitable organization which is dedicated solely to feline welfare. It has three core objectives: to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats; to promote the neutering of both kittens and adult felines; and to improve their quality of life by informing the public how to properly care for their needs. It is a part of their policy not to put healthy cats to sleep.

As they do not have an actual shelter that people can visit, cat adoptions are done by coordinating with volunteer fosterers who are currently looking after the cat a potential pet parent is interested in. The cats usually reside in the fosterer's own home, either in their garden or in dedicated rooms. Cats in their care may be viewed through the Cat's 'Adopt A Cat' section.

Cats Protection envisions a world in which every feline is cared for with kindness and knowledge of its particular needs. It is run entirely by a small team of volunteers and depends on the goodwill their supporters. They hold regular fundraisers in order to cover the costs of caring for the cats in their care. This includes cat food, equipment, cat litter as well as vet bills. As a charity focused on welfare and rehoming, they do not have the authority to look into cases of animal cruelty.

The organization is open to new volunteers such as those who will be willing to assist during fundraising events and lending a hand behind the scenes. They also accept unwanted presents and donations to be used as tombola prizes.

No kill Network

Skegness Cat Charities

The nØkill Network strives to increase the number of animal shelters, rescue groups and organizations which employ a no-kill policy. The Network is dedicated to spreading awareness about these groups so that they are easily located by the public. It encourages shelters to take the necessary steps, gaining the proper public, financial and governmental support in order to adopt a no-kill model for their organization.

As a result of nØkill's efforts, a number of shelters have already taken the leap. There have been those that have, in the past, put healthy and adoptable animals to sleep have now been able to adopt the model with right idea, knowledge and support on how to make it happen. Currently, the community has members located in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.


Skegness Cat Charities

Founded in 1824, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) envisions a world where people and animals live in harmony. With the help and generosity of their supporters, they act as advocates for animal welfare. They perform rescues, rehome pets and change laws that would make the world a safer place to live in for all creatures.

As of 2014, their branches have rehomed over 53,000 animals. Each animal that is adopted from the RSPCA is micro chipped, neutered and up-to-date with its vaccines. They also provide MORE TH>N pet insurance which is good up to six weeks.

Working hand in hand with their adoption program, RSPCA Lincolnshire East also allow for animal sponsorship wherein the community can provide donations to be used for the food, shelter and care of the cats and dogs in their centers.

Lincs Ark

Skegness Cat Charities

The animal welfare group Lincs Ark was founded by a group of animal lovers back in December 2002. Originating in Boston, Lincolnshire, they have since expanded into the Holbeach, Horncastle, Spalding and Lincoln areas. This small charity is self-funded and all of the funds raised through their appeals and events are used to look after the animals in their care. Their members are unpaid volunteers who are passionate about rescuing and rehoming both the furry and the feathered creatures who are in need of help. No administrative overheads are paid for and all of the group's time and efforts are given at no cost.

While a majority of the animals which come into the group's care are felines, they also take rabbits and small animals. The group is currently unable to take in dogs as their facilities and foster carers will not be able to accommodate them due to space and financial constraints. Lincs Ark makes use of a no-kill model so they never put healthy animals to sleep. Those that they foster stay with them until the animal finds its forever home. To ensure that adoptions will go smoothly, the group carries out home visits as well.

The group is open to accepting new foster carers so long as they meet the requirements which are outlined in the Lincs Ark website. Donations may also be made through official channels such as certain local businesses that act as collection points. Additionally, the group provides a free lost and found service wherein they advertise relevant details on their website and Facebook page.