Skegness Cat Supplies


Skegness Cat Supplies is the country's premier "kittens for sale" directory. It may be used for free to advertise anything and everything related to kittens and adult cats. From locating breeders for your choice of pedigreed cat to finding supplies, stud services or a cute moggie to adopt and add to the family -- has it covered. If you are a breeder yourself or are looking to sell a cat or a kitten, you may make use of the site to advertise both their details and your contact information. Everyone is welcome to post and check the listings so long as they abide by the site's guidelines.

Even if you don't currently have any furry friends for sale, it is free to browse the list. Each one comes with their own specific "package" so to speak which ranges from having basic vaccines to freebies in the form of cat supplies. A lot of breeders are more than happy to include kibbles that the cat is used to, a few toys and even treats to help you bond with your new pet.

Not only is it fun to window shop on is, there are also a myriad of things you can learn about cats from both the ads and the articles on the site. For instance, if you're looking for a breed that would fit in well with your family, you can read up on Pedigree Cat Breed Profiles. Once you've found the perfect match, reading a few articles under the site's Cat and Kitten Care Information Resource will help you prepare for your new feline family member.

Still not sure what to do? If so, you check reach out to other cat enthusiasts through's chat forum. From GCCF insurance to feline werewolf syndrome, this section has plenty of informative tidbits for cat lovers.

Now, if you're still on the fence about using the site, know that there are scam busting features in place to protect your safety and privacy. There are safeguards which actively monitor the posts for suspicious activity. There is a Scam Alert page which has a listing of previous offenders complete with notes, e-mail addresses used and even their IP logs. also warns users for common pet scams and gives helpful tips for those who are new to the site.


Skegness Cat Supplies

PetsYouLike is a classifieds website devoted to the buying and selling of pets in the UK. Using the site is simple and anyone can post their pet-related ad for free. The goal of the site is to "find homes for pets everywhere" so aside from kittens and cats, you can post ads for puppies, small animals, fish, reptiles, horses and birds.

You do not necessarily need to be a breeder to post on the site. You can advertise non-pedigree pets that are on sale and those which are available for adoption. Stud services may also be advertised as well as pet related products and businesses. The latter, however, will entail getting in touch with the site's administrators to obtain permission.

On the other hand if you are a buyer and you are looking for a four-legged friend to add to your family, it's pretty easy to narrow down the ads by using the PetsYouLike's search function. You can search by country, town or postcode and input details like your price range and distance. For those who have specific requirements in mind, it is also possible to search by keyword. For instance, if you're a cat lover currently residing in Skegness, all you need to do is to specify that in the "Town" category, specify the breed of cat you are interested in and input the distance you would be willing to travel to visit the breeder or seller. Click the "Find Your Pet" button and voila, you will be given a listing of all the posts which meet your requirements. In cases where you run into a post which seems suspicious or goes against the site's policies, a "Report Advert" button is located just below the listing's photos. The types of freebies which come with each ad depends from breeder to breeder. These usually come in the form of useful supplies to help you kick things off.

Once you've found the perfect feline to add to your family, you may head over to PetsYouLike's insurance comparison page if you are looking for some good deals. Additionally, the site's blog also has a wealth of advice and news stories for pet owners. You may subscribe to the site's newsletter to gain access to special offers from their partners and get pet advice and training tips sent straight to the e-mail address you've supplied. Now, if you're the type to enjoy mingling with the online pet community, you can visit the PetsYoulike Facebook or Twitter pages to join in on social media discussions. You may also submit topic ideas and requests for news articles by filling up the contact form on their website.