We Support Pet Pals: New Leash on Life is For Young Vets to Be

We support games and interactive educational apps that help children nurture and appreciate animals from a care and veterinarian background which is why we recommend Pet Pals New Leash on Life for children wanting to learn about the basic treatment and care for cats at a young age.

Virtual Pets, Real Problems

It's really not surprising to see this level of detail in the game. After all, it was developed by Legacy Interactive, the same company that released Pet Pals: Animal Doctor. If you haven't played any of their releases, rest assured that you are in for a treat. The company is known for making realistic and, not to mention, award-winning educational titles for young vets to be. This one in particular has over thirty cases for you to tackle, featuring a myriad of furry, feathered and even scaly friends to cure.

Pet Pals

Just like a real vet, you get to take care of cats, dogs, rabbits and parrots. There are even some exotic patients, such as chinchillas and iguanas, included in the mix. All in all, you will taking care of fifteen types of animals in different emergency situations. Keen observation skills are a must as you rely on both visual and audio feedback to determine how to best treat your delicate patients. There are over forty medical tools in your arsenal -- use them well. Those who have played a game in the Trauma Center series by Atlus will be no stranger to the treatment mechanics.

It's Not All Doom and Gloom

Although animal shelters surely have their share of complicated cases, it's not always so bad. Success stories may be fewer in number but they aren't unheard off, after all, this is what volunteering is all about. That being said, New Leash on Life gives you the chance to groom, play with and feed pets aside from administering emergency care. You care for them until they're back to being healthy and ready to be adopted. Once they're in their forever homes, you even get to hear how they're doing from their new families.

While you're saving lives and making virtual pets happy, the game also gives you a chance to earn various trophies. Since medical tools are involved, the levels may seem daunting at first but we found the game play to be balanced. New Leash on Life's difficulty is progressive, kicking things off with simple ailments and eventually leading to cases which require multiple treatments. As you finish stages, the amount of tasks you are given to complete each one increases, encouraging you to be more efficient in dealing with them. The game certainly goes far beyond more trendier simplistic titles such as the popular Petz cats game here by Ubisoft.

Pet Pals: Cat Shot 2

Never Work a Day in Your Life

As it does away with the fluff and takes the realistic route, Pet Pals: New Leash on Life isn't for those who simply want to play with cute virtual buddies. This game is all about helping animals and getting them adopted. When you're feeling nervous, don't fret. The people at Pet Pals Animal Shelter always have some encouraging words for you. In this regard, it's not as stressful as actually volunteering in a shelter as it lacks the emotional tension of a real life emergency situation.

What it does well though is to teach aspiring little vets some practical knowhow. Not only does the game give them an idea on how the adoption process works, it also loosely covers some of the procedures that they'll come across in the future. The graphics are kept simple but undeniably charming considering the game's release date. Not to mention that the attention given to every case is astounding. Although some may find the tasks repetitive, it's hard to not get invested in the lives of each virtual pet you assist. The game does a good job of outlining each case without subjecting you to anything too gory. And, if you're getting tired of fulfilling task after task, you can fire up the computer in your office to play some mini games or put your pet knowledge to the test.

Pet Pals: Cat Shot 3

To sum it up, Pet Pals: New Leash on Life is one of the most purrrrrrfect cat caring games to play if you're looking for a taste of how it is to be a veterinarian. Not only do you get to draw blood and clean furry ears, you also get to play with the animals and ensure that they're ready to meet their loving, new families. The level of realism is enough to give a basic idea of what goes on in an animal clinic but not to the point where kids (or you) will get stressed or scared while playing.

Basically, it's great to play as an introduction to the job so long as parents keep in mind that nothing can ever really substitute for actual hands-on experience. It's not for very young children but it is perfect for those who are interested in a bit of a sneak peek into the field.